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CSUSB Students

With 35 percent Latino and 13 percent African-American students, Cal State San Bernardino has the third highest percentage of each historically underrepresented group at any California University







The Association of Latino Faculty, Staff and Students is a non-profit organization affiliated with California State University, San Bernardino.


ALFSS is committed to serving a diverse community. ALFSS affirms the multiculturalism of CSUSB and invites

students of all ethnicities to apply.

We seek to eliminate discrimination based on gender, class, economic status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, physical ability and cultural and religious backgrounds.




What is the purpose of ALFSS?

Encourage the involvement of students, staff, faculty and administrators of the university community on issues pertinent to Latinos.

Promote the participation of youth in higher education through scholarship funds.

Further the personal and professional advancement of Latino faculty, staff and students at CSUSB.

Disseminate information about CSUSB to the community in general, and the Latino community in particular.

Promote public interest in understanding the rich and varied Latino culture.

Since 1985, ALFSS has awarded more than $100,000 in scholarships to new and continuing CSUSB undergraduate and graduate students, including graduating high school seniors and community college transfer students.





Executive Board & Committee Members


President, Carmen Murillo-Moyeda 909-537-3542

President-Elect, Stephen Villasenor

Treasurer, Aurora Vilchis

Secretary, Andrea Callahan





Names & Contact Information





“Each year ALFSS awards scholarships to new and continuing students who attend CSUSB. Since 1985 over 130,000 has been awarded to high school seniors and CSUSB students.” read our mission

- The ALFSS Mission
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